Setting Up Name Servers: GoDaddy

This process will walk you through the steps to set your GoDaddy Nameservers to connect your domain name with your Member Website.


Log into your GoDaddy account and click on your domain name.

When viewing the domain name click the Manage DNS link.

GoDaddy Manage DNS Link

On the Manage DNS screen you will scroll down to the box for Nameservers and click the Change button

GoDaddy Using Custom Nameservers

This will open a pop up for Edit nameservers.  You will click the link to "Enter my own nameservers (advanced)"

GoDaddy Edit Nameservers

This opens a window where you will edit your Nameservers. 

The name servers will be provided by the Website Domain setup process.

Nameserver1: <provided by dashboard>

Nameserver2: <provided by dashboard>

GoDaddy Enter My Own Nameservers

Click the ☑ checkbox to consent and then click the Continue button.

GoDaddy Nameserver Consent

This will save your Nameservers.

Now return to the Member Website setup process and click the button letting us know that the Nameservers have been set.

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