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🥉Bronze Member

$45 per month

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The perfect membership for locations with little competition

  • SEO Boost - to show you on Google more.
  • Found by Location - You appear in a 40-mile radius of your location.
  • Found in 2 Services - Choose up to two service categories and all their sub-services including Towing, Roadside Service, Heavy Towing, Repair (auto & commercial), Storage, Vehicles as Assets
  • Found by Company Name - Appear in the company directory and in top section when visitors search by company name.
  • Simple company profile (no identity package)
  • Featured Help Wanted Posting
  • Featured Equipment for Sale

🥈Silver Member

$80 per month

Stand out and show off allowing your company to win more business.

Identity Package - Zip Code Listing
Identity Package - Out of Zip Code Listing
  • Includes all bronze benefits: Location search, service search, and SEO Boost.
  • Found in All Service You Provide - There are no limits in your service search. Be found in any of the 40 services that are searchable.
  • Identity Package - All members are shown by distance. The identity package is how your company can stand out, show off, and win more business.
  • Advanced Profile with Comprehensive company information in one place.
  • Featured Help Wanted Posts
  • Featured Equipment for Sale

🥇Gold Member

$99 per month

Get top status membership and a member website. Perfect for busy companies.

  • Includes All Silver Membership Benefits: Location and Service search, SEO Boost, and Identity Package.
  • Shown as our highest-level gold company.
  • Website Included - An Easy To Use, SEO Focused Member Website on your domain name! More Info >
  • Insider Access - Gold members know first and have elevated preferences in development requests.

Identity Package

Bronze No Identity Package vs Higher Memberships w/ Identity Package is about finding towing companies. It is up to you to be chosen.

The identity package provides opportunities to show and tell why customers should choose your company.

Bronze - No Identity Package

Bronze Membership is about giving your company's information.

Silver & Gold - Identity Package

Identity Package - Zip Code Listing

In your zip code the Identity Package makes highlights your company.

Identity Package - Out of Zip Code Listing

All other searches include your company's logo.

Registration Options

Registration Lets Existing Companies Find Your Company

By Company Name

Free Registration

Registered Company


In an effort to help better represent the entire industry a free registration was created.

This allows existing customers to find you when they look for your company by name.

This is a perfect option for companies that are not in a position to support financially. And those that don't want to appear as an option for the public to call.

  • Pay with time.
  • Requires one time phone verification to go live.
  • Once life you must login at least once per month to show you're still operating.

Registration Includes:

  • Access to the Company Dashboard
  • Company information visible when customer searches for your company by name.
  • Basic help wanted postings.
  • Basic equipment for sale listings.
  • May take up to 10 days to approve.
Register Your Company

Verified Company

$10 per month

Many busy companies don't have time to consistently log in to show they are still active.

Verified company uses a monthly charge to verify that your company is currently active.

While log in is still encouraged, it is not required.

  • Includes registered company features 👈
  • Instantly added to site. No phone call required.
  • No monthly login required - credit card verifies company.
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Promotions and Special Membership Pricing

Membership on is focused on small businesses. Below are a few promotions available.


First In Area Scholarship

We want to make sure that every area has at least one company to help visitors.

To make membership accessible to companies that don't have competition in their area, and to reward the first company, we provide a scholarship that covers part of your membership dues.


Referral Rewards

Members love to keep as their secret advantage. We often hear "we recommend to everyone but our competition."

But is a community and it is better with more towing members.

When you refer a new member, you are both rewarded.


Multiple Location Discount

We are for small businesses and do not sell bulk listings.

If your small business has multiple locations each location you want listed needs a membership.

Our only discount for multiple locations is that we cover the cost of the 5th location and 20% of each additional listing.

Bonus: Members with more than one location get a special page that shows all listings.

Featured Membership Includes Everything

  • 45 Towing Domains - $560 value - Including,,, View All - more than $500k+ in traffic monthly
  • Exclusive Google Boost - $180 value - Boost your website's and Google My Business ranking.
  • Tools for Towers - $200 value - time and money saving features.

A $2058 monthly value 

only $99 per month 

No contract. No fees. Money back guarantee.

Want a Jump Start?

Your busy, how about we jump start your profile.

Using your facebook page, exisitng website, or images you send us our experts will customize your profile.  

We'll also go through a 20 step process to make sure your profile is ready for business.

A $3000 value for $250