Identity Package

Don't Leave Being Chosen to Chance

Want a different reward? Then use the Identity Package to show that you are different.

Advanced Profile

The advanced profile is the core of the Identity Package. It gives potential customers a beautiful comprehensive look at your company.

Bold Large Cover Image

Set your profile apart and add a cover image. Show off your trucks, shop, team, or brand.

Your cover image will appear on several search results throughout setting your company apart.

Company Logo

Your logo shows on your truck and signs. With the Identity Package you can add it to your profile too.

Your logo also will appear along with your company name in most places on

Rich Homepage

Tell your story, show your trucks, and make sure every visitor falls in love with your company using this free form area.

Add images, HTML, and styles to create a lasting impression.

It is like using Microsoft Word and is visible to everyone that view your profile.

5+ Bonus Pages

Your advanced profile adds additional pages to your profile. These pages let you save time and build authority to win more customers.

Plus, we use these extra pages to cast a wider net on Google.

Show what services your company provides with an advanced services page.

Each service opens into a page about that specific towing service.

Individual Towing Service Page

Additional Pages

  • Frequently Asked Questions - answer your customers questions.
  • Help Wanted Ads - Hiring? Your job postings will show here.
  • Your Team - show the people behind your company.

Additional Brand Clearity

The Identity Package gives you more than just visual impact and more pages. It gives you additional paths to your company's information.

Custom Sub-Domain

Your profile looks amazing, but it links to's homepage and allows visitors to potentially find competing towing companies.

You can setup to show only your company's information.

It is essentially a webpage about your company, where customers expect to find you, on

For example:

Custom Profile URL

Normally profiles start with a location based web address.

Your customer profile URL lets you turn:


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