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A homepage is meant to be the home source of information about your company. It is where your employees, existing customers, and potential customers can find current information about your company.

This is what we are making possible for your business.

Ever notice that big businesses have everything on their website?

It isn't just brochure. It is their home on the internet.

Your small business doesn't have a home.

You either send everyone to a big business-like Google or Facebook.

Or you have an outdated website that is made to rank in Google, instead of helping your customers. is enabling your website to be your home.


Work Once.

Benefit Everywhere.

You add your information to That then updates your profile AND website on your domain.


Help Wanted

Most companies don't have help wanted ads on their website because it is a pain to update. Your update automatically.


Auto Updating

The team at is always adding ways to make your website the center of your business. You get them automatically.


SEO Winning Design

The website is designed to feed your information to Google. It will help your company rank higher.

⚠Your $99/month membership now includes a Powerful Website

You're a towing company, not an internet company.

A website is important, but it should work for your company and not force you to work for it.

To bring the power of a website to your business we're including a full website to your company's featured membership.

How it works?

Our system builds a website based on the information you provide to

You just have to point your domain name at the website and poof, you have a very power website.

Here are steps you will need to follow to setup your website.

Website Setup Process

Use this Website to Strike a Blow to Big Business

The internet is a big business trap that feeds on your small business's time and your dime.

"Free business"

"A website to do it all for you"

Next thing you know you're spending more time working on internet stuff than you are towing.

It isn't just you. It is every small business in the world.

We were told of the ways the internet would benefit our businesses, but instead it has given giant companies like Google control over the customers that are looking for us.'s Ultimate Package website are made for your website with the assumption that you have more important things to do than deal with internet stuff.

Each website helps small business strike a blow to big business.

What is the member website?

If you have a domain name, like, what shows up is your website.

It is important for saving time, answering customer questions, and telling visitors about your company.

The Ultimate Package is going to give you a website to point your domain name to. (What is a domain name?)

To save you time and to help you make your website the central part of your company's presence on the internet, it will be easy to update and modify right from your Member Dashboard.

When is it available?

Websites are currently available, but currently require our team to help with the setup process. Soon you will be able to do it all on your own.

What does it cost?

The new website feature is included in the $99 per month Ultimate Membership.

Will it cost more if I'm already a member?

No, if you are already paying $99 per month your price will remain the same.

We are NOT increasing prices on any company. However, if you have been a member long enough to have a grandfathered lower price you will need to choose between upgrading to current pricing to get the member website or you can keep your current pricing.

What if I don't need a website?

Using the website is not required. membership includes many amazing features. Use only what you want.

What if I don't have a domain name?

First, you need a domain name for long term internet success. Building a website, or linking to ANY website URL or domain name other than one you own is a TRAP.

Your domain name is your internet real estate. You own it and control it. Don't build on someone else's land.

We try to be worthy of building on, but ultimately, we want to build YOUR company, not just ours. Any advisor that tells you it doesn't matter is wrong.

So buy a domain name that you love. Drew gives tips on domains in lesson one of this free training. Internet marketing foundations for towing companies.

Until you have a domain name you can setup a free sub-domain. This will be something like:

Again, notice "" is the main part of the domain. It works... but we are here to point the world to you. It is about you, not us. We advise you to make this a temporary solution.

How much traffic & business will the website generate?

How many cars drive by your house? Your business? It depends.

The traffic to your website is very similar. It depends on many factors. Luckily provides helping tools and training. Spend 30 minutes a week or month and you'll be well on your way to success.

How much traffic will the website handle?

We currently do not know the limits on the ultimate package websites.

Our goal is to make sure that normal day-to-day traffic never has an issue. However, we do anticipate restrictions on number of daily visitors, similar to all shared hosting.

Do I get email hosting?

No. Your website does not come with email hosting.

In fact, a custom email address using your domain name ( is NOT possible with the domain name you use for your towing company website.

We have plans to implement email support in two steps:

  • Email forwards - send email sent to your domain name to a different email, like Gmail.
  • Custom Email Options - we will allow you to setup an MX DNS record which will allow your domain name to work with a third-party email provider.

We are not an email host and do not plan on becoming one in the near future.