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What do you expect to find on Towing.com?

We expected that too.

This page tells a little more about those behind making it happen.

In 1997, the early days of the internet, Towing.com was registered by tower names Randy Knipp. His goal was to create a website that showed the towing companies and vendors in the towing industry.

Towing.com's homepage in 1997

Towing.com Homepage in 1997

In 2007, at the point that Drew purchased Towing.com from Randy he wrote his goal with the site was to give everyone "access to the best suppliers money can buy... and let the public contact quality towing companies."

This purpose continues.

Towing.com's homepage in 2007

We connect visitors to directly to towing companies. Plus, access to suppliers and vendors of the towing industry starts in 2024.


Towing.com Team

THE GOAL: Make Towing.com the best place to find towing services and to use the industry defining domain names as the front door of the towing industry. Be where the public learns and interacts with the towing industry.

Current Status

  • 1000+ searches for towing services daily.
  • 1000+ supporting members.
  • 3000+ registered towing companies.
  • Over $1M in related domain name assets.

Office Location

We are a Cincinnati, Ohio based company with remote employees in Florida or wherever they are currently travelling.

11006 Reading Rd, Suite 202 Cincinnati, OH 45241

Towing.com is operated by Moving Sites, LLC. (MovingSites.com)

About Moving Sites, LLC.

Moving Sites

Moving Sites are experts in taking premium domain names, like Towing.com, and sharing them with the small businesses operating in those industries.

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The Team

Drew Wash Owner of Towing.com

Drew Wash, Owner

Drew is a self-taught programmer and web designer. He put his house on the line to buy Towing.com, before some big company took control.

Drew is a son of trucker. As a kid he wanted to drive a truck like his dad. But his dad told him "I don't want you to be a driver. I want you to own the company." He started an auto transport brokerage in 2000 and got a degree from the Ohio State University, in transportation and logistics in 2003.

Towing.com is part of his fight for the vital small businesses that the world takes for granted.

Find him on Twitter @drewwash

Crystal Wash, Sanity Manager & Travel Agent

Crystal wears many hats, as the spouses of entrepreneurs often do. Without her Towing.com couldn't happen. She manages the team, Drew, and makes sure the bills and taxes are paid.

When you see Towby and the team at a tradeshow, know that she spent many weeks stressing to make that happen.

She leads and does mission work, often serves as a worship leader in her church, and is an amazing mother and homeschool teacher.

I ❤ you sweetie. 😊 ~ Drew

Carol Wash, Payroll and Partially Retired

Carol is Drew's mom. She spent many years talking to towing companies and keeping member payments updated. Now she is mostly retired, but still handles payroll twice a month. Sometimes from the golf course, or a cruise ship.

She says Drew is the favorite of her four kids and doesn't have access to edit this to say otherwise. 😂

In high school she was majorette, sorry no picture available. The US Air Force once made her move from a base in Florida to a base in Alaska and she has never forgiven them.

Matt Leonard

Matt Leonard, Lead Programmer

Matt loves Kentucky Bourbon Ale and video games. He spent many years sharing his entertaining character streaming on Twitch.

He has a dozen side projects including many partial video games and game related websites.

The college he got his degree from no longer exists.

While he spends his time programming he joins the team at tradeshows. At the Baltimore Tow Show in 2023 he got to see his favorite NFL team, the Bengals, play in Baltimore.


Kate Toepfert, Towing Company Advocate

Kate has been on-again-off-again with Towing.com since the early days. Kate is the primary phone voice of Towing.com and often in person at trade shows.

She is the mother of three redheaded girls and currently lives in Florida. She went to Lockland High School with Drew and played flute in the marching band.

Chas Godbey

Chas Godbey, OG Programmer

Chas is the original programmer of most of Towing.com. He was employee #1 and was working with Drew before Towing.com was purchased.

Chas also went to Lockland High School and was a percussionist in the marching band and excellent high school wrestler and later wrestling coach. He was also a cheerleader and the Lockland Panther mascot.

He is a cancer survivor and father of two boys.

He LOVES roller coasters and travels around riding and counting how many Coaster Credits he accumulates.

Towby, Mascot

Towby came to Towing.com in 2014 with no name. The towing industry suggested names and then voted to name him.

He is the fun face of Towing.com.

Many think Towby is a racoon, but he is a grey fox.

Towing.com is a family owned and operated business.

Our Supporting Family

Towing.com is a small family business. When it comes to trade shows many spouses, friends, and family help out.