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When you decide the internet matters to your towing company, then you should join the alliance of independent towing companies supporting

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The most EXPENSIVE membership remains less than $100 a month.

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Use the expectation that towing services appear on to build your company.

In 2007, our founder Drew Wash used his house as collateral and bought for $175k.

The goal was simple.

Create a website that shared with the industry it represents... and don't lose Drew's house. is a family owned and operated business.

For 16 years our small family business has made sure you can find towing services, DIRECTLY, on

Membership put the internet to work for your company.


  • You get an SEO Boost which helps you rank higher in Google's organic search results.
  • You appear as a featured member on in your area, for the services you provide.
  • You have the opportunity to compete for business from the more than 1,000 nationwide location searches each day.
  • You appear on over $1 Million dollars of the top towing domain names that benefit members now and in the future.
  • Get a website. (Gold membership)
  • Post help wanted ads (hiring)
  • Sell and buy equipment

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People Focused

We can make more money if we charge per click, call, or order. But we don't maximize profits. We maximize to help people. We just ask for your support with a monthly membership dues.

Small Business Over Big Business

Small business is human business. Since we focused on people we are made for small business.

Know that Big Business cannot pay more to rank higher than you.

We keep our most expensive membership less than $100 per month.

Service to the Industry

We maintain the public towing company registration which shows active registered companies to existing customers for FREE.

Even customers that don't work directly with the public can show up by name in the Towing company directory

Built to be small business friendly the most expensive membership remains under $100 per month.

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Are you a towing company?

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What Do Members Get?

What is included with featured membership

More Business Opportunities

The primary goal of membership is to give members more business opportunities.

  • Exclusive Business Opportunities- Over 1,000 visitors a day search for towing services on
  • More Direct Business - We help you show up on Google more with our SEO Boost.

  • Time & Money Saving Tools - The community chooses how to use Members can add Help Wanted Ads and sell equipment for free. Plus, if you need a website one is included!
  • Meet Expectations - Customers expect to find towing companies on If you're a towing company and not listed, you don't meet expectations. was the start. We've added more than 40 expectation filling and industry defining domain names to create more paths to your company.

    Purchased for over $1 Millions, and instantly pointing to members.
    What do you expect to find on You.
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  • Business Winning Authority - Your neighbors expect to find you on Become a featured member and be able to tell potential customer "We Are Featured on!"
Native Towing found on
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More Than 1000 Searches A Day

Traffic and Visibility Worth $500k a month generates lots of valuable traffic from the search engines as well as our many repeat visitors.

To generate the traffic on SEM Rush estimates it would take more than $500k+ a month.

This means members instantly have access to around $500 a month of visibility per member.

But that's not all.

Traffic means nothing without the opportunity to turn eyes into customers. The Identity Package (🥈🥇) lets you tell the world why they should use you. Identity Package

Domains Cut Out

Exclusive Visibility for You to Be You

The world expects big business to own the $1 Million-dollar domain names portfolio that is used exclusively for members.

We paid the money to make sure the best domains in the industry are used for YOU.

More than 30 towing, roadside, repair and heavy towing related domains instantly benefit featured members.

View the entire list.

Whether you do light duty, heavy duty, or repair there are websites that will benefit you.

Drew with Towing Company SEO Cheat Sheet

"Why aren't you listed on"

There is instant authority when your company is featured where customers expect to find you.  

Plus, featured members can charge more money per tow!

Compete less on price and let customers know you're a featured member.

Tool in Hand

Get Training and Knowledge

Consider us your first resource for getting your company more business from the internet.  

  • Internet Marketing Fundamentals
  • Internet Marketing Advantage Group
  • 101 - Roadmap to Winning
Featured on

Instantly Get $500+ in Additional Visibility generates lots of valuable traffic from the search engines. All of it is for our featured members.

This means you'll instantly get access to an additional $500 a month of visibility.

You Rank Higher On Google

With the towing company SEO Boost but also as you help visitors and hire employees.

All the Tools For Towers are included with featured membership.

Hiring Tools - post job listings and get exposure on your profile, national search, Google Jobs and your website.

Answer Questions - stop answering the same questions. Create an up-to-date list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's). They'll be up on your profile and your website.

Tools for towing companies

Plus we'll use them to try to generate additional business for your company.

Worried It Is Too Complex?

Members Get Access To 101 has a large number of features and tools. It can be intimidating looking at everything that comes with membership.

Don't worry. 101 is your road map to gaining your internet marketing advantage. In more than a dozen videos Drew and the team walk you through each feature on They show how to use it and how it will benefit your company. 101 Screen Shot

Our owner Drew Wash gives an overview of


Is there a contract?

No. We want satisfied members, not hostages. We make it easy for you to cancel and you can cancel at any time.

How? Log into your account and click cancel, call us at 877-444-6339, or use a contact us form.

Where is my company? I searched my area and wasn't there.

To see if you're active on you'll want to search by company name.

Location and service searches only show members.

How many searches are in my area?

Between ZERO and "I'm buying that heavy duty truck over there because of you."

How much is membership?

All levels of membership are less than $100 a month. You can view all memberships and registration options at Membership & Pricing

How do people find

  • Unpaid organic Google search results are the top source of traffic.
  • Our second top source of traffic is direct type-in traffic to our sites. This is why we've spent over $1M on the best domains in the industry. To create direct paths to our customers that no one else can create

Much of our system is focused on getting traffic and visibility for our members, directly.

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