Since 2007 our small family business has worked to make Towing.com what you expect, the front door of the towing industry.

Here we will answer frequently asked questions about Registration and Membership.

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How do I add my company?

This question depends on how you want to be added.

If you want existing customers to be able to find you by name when they search the towing company directory for your company name you can register you towing company for free at https://Towing.com/Register

Registration requires that you login to your account monthly to show you're active.

If you want to show in you local area, to get more business, and to support Towing.com, you will want to add your company by choosing a membership level at https://Towing.com/Join

How much does Towing.com cost?

Our most expensive membership is $99 per month.

We want you to find the right membership for your company's goals. You can view the membership options on the pricing page.

Is there a free option?

Yes. As a service to the towing industry we cover the expense of running the towing company directory to help existing customers find companies.

You can register your towing company for free. It is important to know that registration is NOT membership.

Registration allows your existing customers to find you by name in the towing company directory.

To be found by location or by the services you offer you must be amember.

Is there a contract?

No. All memberships are month-to-month.

This includes the 298+ companies that have been members for more than 10 years.

We rely on the value we provide and your willingness to support us to keep you as a member... not a piece of paper.

Current member?

If you're looking for help with a feature Towing.com 101 is for you.

There you will find videos showing you have to use features.

We're also here to help.

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