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As you likely have been told, Google is the gatekeeper of magical free internet business.

As you've tried to get that free internet business you've discovered that Free Business Is Not Free!

It costs time and often money. Which leads to you spending more time on Google than on your own business! It is the Google Chokehold.

Simplify Your Life's SEO Boost works on feeding Google for you.

  • We tell them about your company.
  • Confirm what Google knows.
  • Validate your company by passing our authority on your company.

Resulting in a higher search engine ranking and additional pages showing about your company.

All of this why you work on your towing... not internet stuff.

Where Customers Go To Find Towing Services

Most customers search Google when they need your towing services. helps your company show up more often so customers can find you.

If you want customers to find you directly on the internet,'s SEO Boost helps that happen.

We help build the following bridges to your company in Google search results.

  • Your company's website.
  • Your company on Google Maps.
  • location pages in your area.
  • Your company's profile.

Are you guaranteed a great ranking?


Will you rank better with membership?


How long does it take?

You'll be able to see membership working as quickly as a week. After three works we're confiedent you can search your company name and see changes.

Location specific search results depend on many factors, but after two months the SEO Boost is at full strength. After that other factors will determine ranking.

Most search Google, which you can add your company to for free.

How to add your company to Google

Being added is just the start. Expensive marketing services charge hundreds a month to create and manage your Google listing. They work to feed Google information to make them show your company more.

Are you wondering "what does any of this have to do with towing?"

Us too. Not much... but if you what to make big business happy you play their games. (We are working to change this!)

After spending a bunch of time and money on Google, instead of on your own business, you've helped people that need YOUR services find you on Google.

The SEO Boost is made to feed Google your company's information. They receive this information from an authority in the subject of towing, a community of thousands of towing companies.

The SEO Boost results in you ranking higher and having more opportunities at business.

The SEO Boost adds to anything you've already done! It does not replace or compete with SEO services. It adds to them.

Ask your SEO company "will a link to my website from help me rank higher?" Their answer will be yes.

If showing up on Google is important to your company, you should be a member.

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Google My Business: Local Maps Boost

How does Google choose who shows up on the maps?

  • They first, show who pays them.
  • Next they show who has spent a bunch of time to perfectly feed Google information they want to see like reviews and photos.
  • Next they start to show normal businesses like yours.

As you know, this means that the top companies are marketing companies... not towing companies.

Is this right? No.

But, it is reality.

Being a moves you closer to #2, but we are not a service, we are a system.

As long as the information on your profile (address, phone number, company name) matches the information you added to Google we confirm your information.

That means Google is more confident that you're a real company and in turn will rank you higher.

Higher rankings mean more customers calling you directly.

Ranking Your Website Higher

Membership is about you, not

The link to your website helps YOUR WEBSITE rank higher.

Yes, will show up on Google. But the SEO Boost isn't about us, it is about YOU.

Your website will rank higher. We want you to outrank even us!

We pass the authority the community has built onto our members.

Nerd Facts

  • If you use a towing member website your profile canonicals all content to YOUR WEBSITE. This makes your website the authority source of information. This means as you add content to you are helping your website rank higher. 😮
  • Links to your website are FOLLOW links. The links best for SEO.

If having your website rank higher so customers can find it and call you directly sounds good... then you should be a member.

SEO Boost is Included with All Memberships 🥉🥈🥇

Member Website is included with Gold.

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