What is a domain name?

A domain name is your towing company's land on the internet.

Many small businesses fail to realize how important a domain name is to your company. Our marketing company has spent over a million dollars on domain names because we've learned how important a domain name can be.

Towing.com is a domain name.

Facebook.com is a domain name.

CincinnatiTowCompany.com is a domain name.

A domain name is your land on the internet.

A website is what is built on your internet land, your domain name.

How does a domain name work?

A domain name needs instructions to know where your internet land is located.

A domain name has one purpose, to say where the instructions are located. The instructions are on name servers (NS).

For the purpose of your Towing.com website we need to set the Name Servers for your domain.

This is rather simple, but how you do it depends on the registrar that you have your domain name through.

What is a Registrar?

Where can I get a domain name?

A registrar is the title company for domains. They handle the "licensing" and rules of domains.

GoDaddy is a registrar.

Epik.com is a registrar. 👈 Who we use, but difficult for novice.

SAV.com is a registrar. 👈 Easy to register a new domain, slow to update.

You will have a user account with a registrar and log in to manage your domain name, including purchasing and renewing your domain.

Where can I get a domain name?

Domain names are purchased from registrars. The most well-known registrar is GoDaddy.com.

We do not like using GoDaddy.

We have found that SAV.com has the easiest process for registering a domain name and completing the setup of a member website.

We keep our domain names with a registrar called Epik.com. You can use them, but we find their registration more difficult than other registrars.

Domain names are typically less than $20 per year, which is paid directly to the registrar.

Is a domain name important?

Yes. A domain name is your company's identity on the internet.

The reason we do not provide a domain name for you, even though it would be easier, is because we believe domains are as important as your company's phone number, address, or company name.

In retail and restaurant businesses they say the most important three things that determine success are location, location, location.

Your domain name is your location on the internet. It is often called an internet address.

This is not a random opinion. Drew Wash, creator of Towing.com, has spent well over a million dollars buying domain names.

In order to buy the domain name Towing.com he put it house on the line to get the $170k+ needed to buy it.

Should you pay that much? No. You will be able to find a great name available for less than $20.

Drew's Tips On Choosing a Domain Name

Drew Recommends

  • When possible, a dot-com (.com) domain name. There are many other options, but customers understand and trust dot-com the most.

    Using dot-com lets the person hearing your domain focus on the first part.
  • Concentrate on getting a domain that people can hear once and understand. This is much harder than you might think. Many simple domain names end up being complicated.

    For example, consider Tows.com. In text it looks great. But tell someone over the phone to go to Tows.com and they may be confused.

    You will find that a simple domain like Tows.com turns into "Tows.com T-O-W-S.com" when you say it out loud.

Drew Says to Avoid 🚫⛔

  • Avoid words that have multiple spellings. Like two, too, to, and 2.
  • Avoid numbers. Is it Number1Towing.com or NumberOneTowing.com?
  • Avoid adding letters to get a domain that is available. Adding an "S" in the domain often will make the domain hard to understand. Example: BestTowings.com - would end up being "Best Towings.com - with an S at the end"