Member Website Setup: Name Servers

Below we will provide general instructions for updating nameservers as well as links to step-by-step instructions for common registrars.

Setting up Nameservers

This process is extremely simple. However, it may seem very complicated and technical.


You own your domain name. It is your land on the internet.

Nameservers are a setting on your domain name that connects your domain to a website.

They are the primary setting of your domain.

The most confusing part about updating nameservers are the complicated systems that registrars create, often to sell you stuff.

Changing Nameservers

Your domain name is registered and held at a registrar.

To change your name servers, you will need to log into that registrar.

Common registrars are GoDaddy & Network Solutions.

When you log in you will need to navigate to manage your domain.

Typically when you click on the domain name there will be a link to edit DNS or Nameservers.

Nameservers are what you are modifying.

DNS or Domain Name Servers, are the advanced settings that a Nameserver handles.

Name server settings will typically be two separate text boxes like this:

General Nameservers

The Member Site setup process will provide you with two Nameservers. You will enter one in each box and then click save.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Nameservers to update?

Most registrars update name servers in less than 5 minutes.

However, there are still some registrars that may take up to 48 hours to update your name servers.

How do I find out what my registrar is?

You can determine the registrar of a domain name with a WHOIS search.

Go to: and type in your domain name.

In the data provided it will mention the registrar.

They should be able to assist you in getting access to your domain name.

Step-by-step Instructions By Registrar

The system will provide you nameservers to add to your domain name.